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Documenting my current travels
in Spain and Portugal.
Since 2015, I have been documenting my travels via a daily photo blog. This year, follow my travels through Spain and Portugal.
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I'm Manny.

Here's some handy info about me,
at no additional cost.
My name's Manny Rothman. I'm from PA, .
Throughout my life, I've been making films (and I love watching them, too). I also enjoy graphic design, web design, and computer programming. I'm currently a first-year at Occidental College, majoring in film, minoring in theatre. You can download my resume here.

Starting in 2014, I began to work closely with Elijah Comas. Together, we created Reformat Studios, a group that makes both commercial and personal work. Films below will be notated if they are created under said co-op.

My mantra — "only through confusion can we achieve true lucidity."

Me getting audio of Thea's character running for
This Fleeing Star (2019).


Uh, this one is pretty self-explanatory,
But I have to maintain my formatting consistencies...


Including the embarrassing ones.
Just not the really embarrassing ones.

Personal favorite
Made for an educational purpose
A Reformat Studios Production


Some of my favorite images from my projects,
starting with the new stuff.

Sebastian standing on a confabulated beach.
This Fleeing Star (2019).
A frame from the separation sequence.
This Fleeing Star (2019).
Maddie instinctively fleeing.
This Fleeing Star (2019).
Ben finding a familiar scarf in the woods.
Choose Not Randomly (2018).
Ben closing the piano for the last time.
Choose Not Randomly (2018).
"Marty" and "Doc" preparing for their experiment.
The 1980s — A Review (2017).
Lewisburg Green Dragons vs Men At Work.
Down Under — Remastered (2016).
A segmented view of a mother looking at her child.
92Y: Stay With Me (2014).
Jacob's character coming to a daunting realization.
Melanite (2013).
Me, 8 years old, screaming into the camera.
Crap Man 3 (2009).
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