Featured Project.

My first pseudo-experimental,
impressionistic piece.
When Sebastian returns home from college, he and his sister Maddie reflect on their childhoods together in the small town of Holland. After an emotionally trying encounter, they are both left to reimagine their lives together and apart.
  • 2019
    This Fleeing Star

I'm Manny.

Here's some handy info about me,
at no additional cost.
My name's Manny Rothman. I'm from PA, .
Throughout my life, I've been making films (and I love watching them, too). I also enjoy graphic design, web design, and computer programming. I'm currently a first-year at Occidental College, majoring in film, minoring in theatre. You can download my resume here.

Starting in 2014, I began to work closely with Elijah Comas. Together, we created Reformat Studios, a group that makes both commercial and personal work. Films below will be notated if they are created under said co-op.

My mantra — "only through confusion can we achieve true lucidity."

Me getting audio of Thea's character running for
This Fleeing Star (2019).


Uh, this one is pretty self-explanatory,
But I have to maintain my formatting consistencies...


Including the embarrassing ones.
Just not the really embarrassing ones.

Personal favorite
Made for an educational purpose
A Reformat Studios Production


Some of my favorite images from my projects,
starting with the new stuff.

Sebastian standing on a confabulated beach.
This Fleeing Star (2019).
A frame from the separation sequence.
This Fleeing Star (2019).
Maddie instinctively fleeing.
This Fleeing Star (2019).
Ben finding a familiar scarf in the woods.
Choose Not Randomly (2018).
Ben closing the piano for the last time.
Choose Not Randomly (2018).
"Marty" and "Doc" preparing for their experiment.
The 1980s — A Review (2017).
Lewisburg Green Dragons vs Men At Work.
Down Under — Remastered (2016).
A segmented view of a mother looking at her child.
92Y: Stay With Me (2014).
Jacob's character coming to a daunting realization.
Melanite (2013).
Me, 8 years old, screaming into the camera.
Crap Man 3 (2009).
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